Changing Learning, Changing Lives

The Baked Bean Charity




The Baked Bean Charity is a preferred provider of alternative education provision specialising in delivering statutory programmes for children and adults with learning disabilities aged 5 – 95. Our mission is to promote education and social inclusion among adults and children with special educational needs and disabilities, as well as others.

We work under contract/commission from local authorities and schools with learners who at this stage in their lives are unable to flourish within school or college contexts.

Respecting the individual’s needs and abilities, we provide customised and unique education services which release all the potential enabling the learner to move on to the next milestone in their life’s journey.

Our Impact

We help those supporting people with complex needs – including our members, local authorities, NHS trusts, service providers and mainstream organisations – to champion rights, ensure excellent support and improve understanding around learning disabilities.

Our approach is underpinned by a rigorous evidence base and expertise. We use our long-standing experience to translate policy into practice.


Our Values

The Baked Bean Charity is proud to be:

Inclusive – Our service is broad, helping to support anyone who has been excluded from the mainstream education system.

Community-minded – We help our students to integrate into the community and teach them the skills needed to do so.

Caring – We treat everyone with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Empowering – We strive to make our students feel empowered in their lives, and masters of their own futures.

Collaborative – We understand the strength in diversity and working together to achieve more.

Challenging – We campaign for positive change and champion the rights of learning-disabled adults and children.