Changing Learning, Changing Lives

Mentoring and Mediations

We provide advocacy for young people at risk of exclusion from school, requiring EHCP or involved in the criminal justice system, and mentoring and mediations for those at risk of gang membership, exploitation, abuse or other difficulties that are affecting their ability to learn.


We carefully match young people with role models who will encourage them to come out of their shell and develop the skills they need for both life and the workplace.

Our Education Advisors give them support in the academic areas of their choice, and provide a gateway to socialising and activity in the wider community.

We've found that, with the support of a trusted adult, our learners can gain the confidence to push their own boundaries and develop in the areas that are most important to them.


We recognise that all young people are individuals with unique needs who don't always fit into the strict framework of schools. Through working closely with educators, we help to foster understanding and create an environment that works for everyone.

Acting as a go-between for schools and students, our priority is to protect each child's interests. We also aim to educate schools and organisations on the unique needs of each child and the ways that they can improve their approach and environment.

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