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Life Long Learning - Our Courses


All of our courses have been designed to support the individual personal development goals of our students; helping them to become more independent citizens, and developing specific knowledge and skills for their futures. Our goal is to give our Learners the tools they need to enable them to progress in areas that were not previously accessible to them.

At their core, all our courses focus on:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Building resilience
  • Promoting engagement
  • Encouraging students to live healthy, independent lives

Course enrollment - All students applying for our courses will carry out an initial assessment. This will assess all students suitability for their chosen course, identifying their individual goals and learning aims required from the programme. On being accepted for the course all learners will complete an Individual Learning Plan, so their personal goals can be monitored throughout their training. Each course will be offered one day/week for 35 weeks.



Out and About

This course has been designed to teach learners very basic, highly practical life skills to develop confidence in basic literacy and numeracy whilst also learning how to navigate their local community by getting out and about.

These skills are tested through weekly accompanied trips in Term One.

The aim of the course is to develop a knowledge base through repetition to support the students in their daily lives - learning more about what their skills are and then to practically develop them in areas such as using money to shop, reading a timetable, taking a bus journey, learning how to use the tube, how to read a basic map, how to use a map on their phones and general social skills through team and collaborative work.

More complex Health and Safety issues pose challenges and are addressed towards the end of the course e.g. uploading the NHS app, applying for a passport, reporting a crime. The course also offers all learners a supported trip to a Local FE college and to a local gym to sign up for a course.


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Digital Life Skills

This course will focus on the acquisition of digital skills that are highly practical and designed to improve the quality of life of our learners.

We will deliver an introduction to practical ICT using laptops, PC’s, and mobile phones, with an emphasis on how to stay safe online, as well as how to use the internet for daily practical purposes such as online shopping, safe social media, information finding, banking and job applications.

The course will encourage teamwork and social inclusion but will also allow students to work at a pace that suits them as the curriculum is differentiated and suitable for both complex needs students and others who are more experience in digital skills.

The learners will work In a safe learning zone. All information and resources will be created, monitored, and supervised by the tutors who will set up fake social media accounts for the learners to work from. This is to protect the confidentiality and safety of the group. These will be deleted at the end of the course.


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Healthy Foodie Beans

Healthy Foodie Beans is a twist on Healthy Green Beans - one of our most popular courses that has been repeatedly oversubscribed.

The goal of Healthy Foodie Beans is to educate learners on how to have a balanced diet by encouraging exercise and using teamwork and social inclusion to demonstrate the link between physical and mental health.

We aim to establish healthy lifestyle routines for all those enrolled on the course, using performance indicators including BMI and Blood Pressure readings. It will be highly practical with a focus on preparing and recording using basic literacy and numeracy to create simple, low-cost healthy dishes that can be repeated at home but also will support progression to further study/employment for those who decide they want to take food prep and/or fitness to a higher level.

Repetition and reinforcement of key themes – e.g., food components and re-doing recipes at home (albeit with a twist) - will encourage the acquisition of real-life skills and knowledge.

A focus on education around Green issues/recycling alongside healthy food preparation will also be embedded within the curriculum, and the course will promote the development of Greener, Safer, Better neighbourhoods. (e.g., teaching students how to recycle, grow their own food etc).

By working within our own community (and our community garden),we hope to combat climate change and improve our environment and our neighbourhoods – keeping them green!


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Ready for Work

This course investigates the life skills needed when looking for a job and moving into employment. The focus will be on building a skill set with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy that can then be use to find employment in the job of their choosing. Topics will cover: 

  • Writing a CV
  • Working out monthly take-home pay after tax
  • Completing on-line application forms
  • Repeated mock interviews
  • Dressing for success

Assessed mock interviews will be an integral part of the final sessions and students will be encouraged to complete real applications for real jobs. Each student will be fully supported with attending interviews, and funding will be available for travel as well as a work outfit.


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Arty Crafty

This course will deliver an arts and crafts programme that's highly differentiated with an emphasis on self-reflection, self-expression (verbal and written),and self-discovery through the medium of art.

It will encourage learners to use, but notably to discuss with confidence, various techniques, genres, and resources to depict themselves, their lives, their interests and eachother. It will introduce students to artists in a way that makes them accessible.

Through shared activities, excursions, and events, teamwork and social inclusion are encouraged. Learners will have the chance to attempt many different types of art and crafts. For example: two sessions on textile crafts such as knitting, appliqué, and dyeing. They will also learn paper crafts including papier-mache, calligraphy, and papermaking, and the different types of paint and materials artists use – e.g. water colours, oils, pottery, and will produce an article made from each material. They will learn about the different types of artistic genre e.g. watercolours, portraiture, modern art, expressionism.

In addition, they will learn that art and craft encompasses all the elements of dressing the human body: jewellery, hats, leatherwork (shoes, belts, handbags),and garments and will produce a piece of jewellery for the end of course Open Day Event.

The content of the curriculum will enable high levels of differentiation which means the course is personalised and learners will have a clear baseline/starting point in terms of their knowledge but all topics will be highly accessible.


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