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Express Yourself

The course will deliver an introduction to the world of Arts and Crafts with an emphasis on self-reflection and self-discovery. It will encourage learners to use various techniques, genres, and resources to depict themselves, their lives and each other. It will introduce learners to the Grand Masters in a way which makes them accessible – i.e. through line art and collage.

It will encourage learners to see and feel that art is for everyone and that simplicity is powerful. This course will challenge learners to think about their loves, hates and how they feel they present themselves to the world by using photographs and objects which they feel represent them/their world.


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Get Digital

This course will focus on the acquisition of digital skills.

Our experience of lockdown during COVID this past year has brought to life the fact that many students urgently require an improved knowledge of digital skills.

Firstly, we will ensure that ALL students have access to a laptop which they can take home to use for the entirety of the course.

We will then deliver an introduction to practical ICT using laptops, PC’s, and mobile phones.

There will be an emphasis in Term One on how to stay safe on-line as well as how to use the internet for daily practical purposes e.g. on-line shopping.

Learners will also be taught that the internet can make life much more fun through social media and communications such as emails, texts, WhatsApp etc.

As the course progresses tasks will become more challenging enabling adult learners to complete the course having acquired a range of skills.

The course will encourage teamwork and social inclusion but will also allow learners to work at a pace that suits them as the curriculum is differentiated and challenging. The learners will work In a safe learning zone. All information and resources will be created, monitored, and supervised by the tutors who will set up fake social media accounts for the learners to work from. This is to protect the confidentiality and safety of the group. These will be deleted at the end of the course. The learners will also have the opportunity to use their current social media accounts, where appropriate. The tutors will work with individuals to ensure they are using them safely and appropriately.

Term Two will see the introduction of Microsoft Word and will teach learners how to adapt and save their work using fonts, spellcheck and pictures. 

Term Three brings the course to a finale by introducing EXCEL which will challenge learners to create a chart, demonstrating all the skills learned to date as well as an understanding of how to use EXCEL. 

Literacy and numeracy will again be embedded within the complete course for example – on-line shopping, writing emails, writing blogs for the Charities website (supported by our Communication and Campaigns officer) writing in different fonts, customising with Word, learning how to spellcheck a document, learning how to word count a document.


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Healthy Green Beans

This course will deliver an introduction to a healthy lifestyle / balanced diet encourage teamwork and social inclusion and will demonstrate the link between physical and mental health. It will also aim to establish healthy lifestyle routines -which will then be built upon during term two.

It will be highly practical with a focus on preparing and recording using basic literacy and numeracy simple low-cost healthy dishes which learners can repeat at home but also will support progression to further study/employment for those who decide they want to take food prep to a higher level.

A focus on education around Green issues/recycling alongside of healthy food preparation will also be embedded within the curriculum.
Our programme will incorporate these progression steps:
Induction of all students to the course

  • Provision of clear information regarding healthy nutrition as well as the components of a healthy balanced diet
  • Delivery of practical food prep session which are both accessible and safe
  • Delivery of practical food prep sessions which can be duplicated by the learner safely at home.
  • Creation of a “Food Diary” for every learner
  • Creation of a weekly food budget for every learner
  • Shopping trips with the learners using a fixed budget
  • Shopping on-line with learners against a fixed budget
  • Development of a small garden growing fresh vegetables and herbs
  • A visit to Hewitts Farm
  • An end of course celebration and event
  • Evaluation of course


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Life Works

This course is designed to teach adult learners very basic, highly practical life skills encouraged to develop confidence in basic literacy and numeracy whilst also learning how to navigate their local community.

We aim to  help learners develop a knowledge base through repetition to support the students in their daily lives -learning more about what their skills are and then to practically develop them in areas such as using money to shop, reading a timetable, taking a bus journey and general social skills through team and collaborative work.

Skills are chosen having identified through individual assessment a real need and are highly practical, used daily for shopping, coming to and from the centre and to complete simple journeys using timetables and differentiated maps.

We offer a personalised programme of activities centred around the learners’ personal learning goals in areas such as of employment/ lifelong learning they have registered a real interest in.

We build a skill set for the student that they can use to find employment in their dream job in the future with a focus on written and numeracy tasks e.g. writing a CV, working out monthly take-home pay after tax. In addition students will learn to prepare and present for an interview, how to properly complete an application form, who to ask references of, what questions to ask at an interview.


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Word Power

The course will deliver an introduction to Literacy specifically aimed at higher level learners who could possibly attempt Functional skills at a later dateThe course will encourage teamwork and social inclusion and will show clear progression throughout three terms of differentiated but challenging sessions which will also strongly encourage creativity and self-expression through the written word. Having deconstructed language students will now focus on completing short fluid pieces of self-expressive writing . Learners will become accustom to  using adverbs, adjectives, and other common literary devices, whilst managing basic grammatical concepts.


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