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The Baked Bean Charity

Complex Needs


Often, our learners will have complex needs – meaning multiple conditions that coexist, overlap and interlock to create a complex profile. These conditions can mean these individuals present with a range of issues that affect behaviour, health, ability to communicate and cognitive ability. 

These needs often interact in ways that are specific to the individual, meaning they require a unique approach when it comes to supporting them with their learning and integration with the class. 

Complex needs can present as challenging behaviour when needs aren’t being fully understood or met, so we always make an effort to deliver our services in a way that makes our learner as comfortable as possible. 

This is because specialist, person-centred support can help individuals to engage effectively and participate meaningfully – important factors when it comes to education. 

At The Baked Bean Charity, we support and empower individuals with a wide range of learning disabilities, complex or otherwise. We recognise that some require adapted environments in order to thrive, and we go out of our way to provide that.