Changing Learning, Changing Lives

5 Jul 2021

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning donate 3 laptops

Baked Bean Charity would like to give a big thank you to Wandsworth Lifelong Learning who have provided us with 3 laptops to support the educational needs and job training aspirations of our learners.

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning are part of Wandsworth Council, catering for over 8,000 learners each year across over 650 courses.

As a charity, we are constantly looking for new ways to positively impact the lives of the learners we support in our community. The donation of laptops and computers allows Baked Bean Charity to support our students by connecting them to the internet and making access to learning easier.

For anyone interested in making a computer donation to help children and lifelong learners affected by the digital divide, we would encourage you to reach out to us.