Changing Learning, Changing Lives

17 Feb 2022

Fruit salad prep lesson teaches students about nutrition

Our learners have been getting to grips with some new recipes in our Healthy Green Beans classes, lately.

After heading out to a local grocers as a group, our students picked out some of their favourite fruits for a tasty and balanced fruit salad. The exercise helped them with identifying fruits and vegetables, and also on managing and counting out the money to buy them with.

Once back at the classroom, everyone cleaned and prepared their fruit, before mixing them together for a delicious and nutritious meal!

In our Healthy Green Beans course, there’s a focus on helping our learners to establish healthy lifestyle routines and identify the link between physical and mental health. Through teamwork and social inclusion, we want to inspire everyone in the group with confidence in their ability to create low-cost and easy meals for themselves or for others.

Other recipes on the curriculum include baked potatoes, sandwiches, vegetable dishes and more. Before eating, the learners are often asked to organise the separate foods into their food groups, according to a food group pyramid.

We’re currently in the process of developing our own small garden at our Totterdown offices for growing vegetables and herbs, so we will try to incorporate those ingredients into future meals as much as possible. Keep an eye on our blog for updates on that! Coming soon.

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