Changing Learning, Changing Lives

1 Sep 2021

New Starter Interview – Jim Hawkins

Baked Bean is expanding! To help us with that growth, we’ve brought on Operations Manager, Jim Hawkins, who will be supporting our staff and students alike.

In this interview, we talk to Jim about his role and exactly what he hopes to do in his time here.

Hi Jim, lovely to meet you. So – first thing’s first – who are you and what do you do here at Baked Bean Charity?

I’m Jim and I work as a Staff and Operations Manager here. That means organising staff, working on the rota, being involved with staff training, liaising with parents, local authorities and carers, etc. It’s a broad role, but will mostly centre on the daily management of staff.

What were you doing before you joined us?

I’ve worked in education and lecturing for most of my career, and currently have contracts with Goldsmiths and West London University. I previously worked with (our CEO) Sarah at Shaftesbury Young People Trust, helping to support students with GCSE English Language and Literature.

What attracted you to this position?

I’ve been lecturing at universities for a long time but missed the chance to really stop and connect with students and colleagues. I liked the interactive element of this role, and also the area and ethos. The all round package suited me well!

How have your first few weeks been?

I’ve enjoyed settling in! The staff have been very nice and supportive and I really like my surroundings

What’s your favourite thing about Baked Bean Charity?

It feels like a very caring place, which has been inspiring. There’s a great ethos and the kids are always prioritised. I’ve also been impressed with the staff who are very educated and knowledgeable.

How would you like to see your role develop?

I’d like to focus on growing and developing the charity beyond Wandsworth, so we can make as much of an impact as possible, expanding the business side and branching into new contracts.

Lastly, what’s an interesting fact about you that you think the world should know?

I actually used to own a wine shop and teach wine courses, which I enjoyed, although it was too much booze!