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10 Feb 2022

Learners take part in Road Safety walk around Tooting

Last week, a group of our students made the most of the blue skies to go on a Road Safety walk around Tooting.

After reviewing road safety rules beforehand in the Baked Bean classroom, the learners put their knowledge to the test by getting out and about on the roadside, identifying signs and road markings, helping them to feel more confident when navigating the busy London streets.

The students were paired, with one of the pair being designated as ‘in charge’. Not only did this ensure that everyone had eyes on them at all times, but it also gave half of the group a sense of responsibility.

On the way home, they all dropped into a local grocer to pick up some fruit in preparation for making fruit salad. The recipe is part of our popular Healthy Green Beans course - lessons that deliver an introduction to healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

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