Changing Learning, Changing Lives

2 May 2022

Baked Bean Learner enjoys experience at Sutton Community Farm

One of our Learners recently had their first day volunteering at a local, community farm! 

The placement In Sutton was aimed to get out student engaged with nature and the environment, learning about where our food comes from and how we can all take simple actions to be healthier and help our local area. 

As part of The Baked Bean Charity’s Green Beans course, our students learn about where fruits and vegetables come from and are encouraged to participate in growing their own. 

Students track the growth of their herb, fruit or vegetable and then, if possible, are given the opportunity to use it in a simple recipe. The nutritional value of foods are also covered, as is the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

For more information on this course, visit our course page here.